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We love Vermont Beard & Mustache Co. Did you know Beards don’t have to be rough, itchy, or dry?

Vermont Beard & Mustache Co. proudly handcrafts Men’s Grooming Products in small batches locally in the Burlington. BEARD CONDITIONING OIL will build strong roots, soften your hair, and improve your skin all season long. SHAVE OIL will give the closest shave & provide the smooth glide while preventing razor burn. The variety of scents from Alpine Trail to Driftwood will inspire you just like Vermont’s diverse scenery. All our premium products are Natural & Organic, as nature intended. The result will revitalize your beard and revolutionize your shave.

Alpine Trail Beard Conditioning Oil’s combination of essential oils imparts an earthy, musk scent with hints of Rosemary, Cedar, and Lavender. Apply a few drops after a shower & as needed through the day to condition & keep your beard strong.

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